Hotel Review: Marquette House, New Orleans

Dorm Room

I stayed an extra day in New Orleans after my friend had to leave. I figured I should stay in a hostel rather than a hotel to save money and perhaps rub elbows with some fellow travelers. I’ve had great luck with hostels in Bangkok, Beijing, Boston and Honolulu.

I booked a room at Marquette House New Orleans International Hostel online.

This turned out to be the worst rat hole I’ve ever stayed in. The room was filthy as was the bathroom. Guests, long gone, had left food containers and wrappers in the dorms and no one cleaned them up. The showers and bathrooms were a mess. The stairs needed repair. I shared a room with a woman from Isreal and profusely apologized that America was not usually so disgusting.

Is someone paying off the city inspectors? I don’t know why this fire trap is allowed to remain open. It’s a disgrace to NOLA.

Common Area


Be careful

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