Hotel Review: Golden Palace Silver Street, Beijing

With modern, chic rooms and a good location near Wangfangjing shopping street and near a metro station, you’d think this would be an easy recommendation. Yet the “24 hour restaurant” is only open in the morning for what my friends described as a dreadful, disgusting breakfast and few on the staff speak English. So picking up one’s baggage saying, “Mine’s the big, green bag in the corner” can only be deciphered by one of the six people working the desk, make me urge people to go elsewhere.

What cinches it is that the bellboys are in cahoots with the cab drivers who loiter out front and refuse to use their meters. So they’re charging three times the rate to go to nearby stops and an extra 50 rmb to go to the airport. I told one guy that he was disgraceful as I helped a friend out to the main street with her luggage so she could get a fair price.

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