No Reservations

Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations is the top of the line in television’s travel programming. Bourdain has a point of view and writes well. Right there that puts him a cut above Rick Steves and others who seem to think every destination is hunky dory. Anyone who’s traveled has favorites and has been to hell holes. Bourdain isn’t afraid to say when he’s had a bad time. His acerbic wit heightens the entertainment.

He travels all over, Asia, South America, Europe and I assume Africa. Along the way, this former chef focuses on good food and drink. He eats at street stalls, restaurants and in people’s homes. He always has a local epicure lead him to the specialties and show how dishes are prepared. With Bourdain you get the straight dope on the food, drinks and ambiance. You see Bourdain rub elbows with down to earth people in the know.

Bourdain has visited restaurants in Bali and Chicago that I’ve been to and his take rings true.

If you can’t roam the world, turn to the travel channel and live vicariously through Bourdain. His new season begins July 11th and he’ll visit Cuba, Macau and Naples

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