The Ghost Ranch, Abiquiui, NM

My bed

In my room

I stayed at the Ghost Ranch for a week for a writers’ retreat. The ranch is a conference center that welcomes many kinds of groups as well as individuals. The landscape is amazing, though my room was worn down. I heard that there were nicer rooms available for more money, but I just can’t get over that in the U.S. budget travelers get so much less than those in other parts of the world. It’s as if we need to suffer or so the owners suppose. It wouldn’t be expensive to do some upgrades.

There is the “you won’t be in your room much” philosophy, but that thinking is minimalism at its worst. It shows no respect for the guests.

It’s not that cheap to stay here. I shared a room and we each paid $575, for six nights including meals. I could stay at the Country Inn for about this price with a free breakfast.

The group rooms varied in size to meet all needs, though there’s a dearth of good chairs. Who wants to sit in long workshops or lectures on a folding chair all day? The library has nice books and a few good chairs.

The food was a disgrace. Very industrial and high in sodium. Someone tell food services it’s 2011. I think we’ve learned from Jamie Oliver that you can serve good “naked” food on a large scale for a good price.

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