Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Funky, yet traditional Canyon Road is home to dozens of art galleries and shops with lots of Native American jewelry, cowboy clothes and ceramics. There’s so much that’s beautiful, but everything I saw was pricy. I’ve gotten accustomed to buying crafts in Asia and I can get something lovely for $40 so it’s hard to buy something comparable here for $200. Yet I realize the artists here need to earn more to support themselves. At the same time, if supporting oneself means living a block away from Canyon Road where I parked and saw a tiny house on the market for $750K well, I’m not as sympathetic any more.


Still it’s fun to browse the shops, though I wish I could take some photos. I don’t because it’d be rude and the owners would probably get miffed as the clerk did when I got the cowboy boots shot last week, but that I couldn’t resist. It was one of those Dorothy Day, “I prefer to ask forgiveness, than ask permission” moments.

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