I’m so far from Europe and yet crave some British culture beyond the visual. I get my Downton Abbey and Sherlock, but a good scone does wonders for the soul and palate, of course.


It may look a little daunting with the luxurious and exquisite decor. It wasn’t even on our list for dinner. But somehow or rather you just knew you had to try TWG Tea Company sooner or later.

We are always apprehensive of such places because the damage to our pockets could be massive. That aside, you cannot help but marvel at the intricate decorations that filled the entire tea salon. The setting was almost like posh London in the 1910s.

TWG Tea Company promises to offer the best tea from around the world and they did not disappoint in terms of variety. The numbers have reached a mind boggling amount.

We were pleasantly surprised that all-day breakfast was still being served. Being breakfast fans, it was a no-brainer choosing what we wanted! The Scrambled Eggs ($19.00) was slightly small in serving. It was rather unique as it came with succulent…

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