Colossal Failure

English: 中国铁路 (China Railways) zh:File:China R...

English: 中国铁路 (China Railways) zh:File:China Railways.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tealeaf offers an on target article on the fiasco that is the website for China’s railroad system.

It’s a digital disaster. With a Chinese travel crunch looming, China’s online ticketing system is quickly turning into a boondoggle of historic proportions.

It all started with a holiday. Lunar New Year in China marks a time of jubilance, but also stress and chaos, as hundreds of millions of Chinese travel home to see their families. Around Lunar New Year in early 2012, travelers made roughly three billion journeys over a 40-day period, putting immense strain on the country’s rail system.

Looks pretty slick, doesn’t it? Via People’s Daily

In order to reduce wait times for would-be riders, in early 2012 China’s powerful and opaque Ministry of Railways launched an immensely expensive online system, the unfortunately named, to handle the surge in ticket purchases. But as Tea Leaf Nation reported in January, the effort was quickly declared a disaster. The site and its clunky interface repeatedly crashed, only making life more frustrating for the many migrant workers who already lacked Internet savvy.

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