International Hostel: Luoyang

Mural at the Luoyang International Hostel

Henan is not a well traveled destination and there aren’t as many budget travel options. I like the International Hostels I’ve stayed in in China, but didn’t see anything listed for Kaifeng. Luckily, Luoyang had a hostel.

Unluckily, the website showed it fully booked till January. That was a little hard to believe so I checked some other websites. According to Agoda, they had rooms. Now the rooms were pricey at $30 and only a triple was left, but it was cheaper than the other hotels and probably had staff that spoke better English. So I booked it.

The hostel was fairly easy to get to as it’s on a major thoroughfare. What’s more it’s easy to get to all the tourist spots and city buses which go to the temples and Longmen Caves are right around the hostel. The hostel sells a good illustrated map for 10 yuan. Buy it and you’ll be set.

The hostel’s lobby is on the third floor so expect to haul your bags up some stairs. The lobby is funky and comfortable and the staff spoke good English.

The corridors of the hostel are all painted and drawn on by guests giving it a cool, funky vibe. They have wifi in the lounge area and serve breakfast and lunch.

The one caution is don’t take a room on the street. There’s a lot of traffic noise from cars, buses and motorcycles. On top of that there are a few restaurants under the hostel that were open till after 4am. I heard festive people chatting and yelling till 4:25am.

The next morning we asked to move to the other side of the building and that was fine. When you book insist on the back side of the hostel.

While the staff was helpful and polite, their restaurant suggestions weren’t up to par. They led us to mediocre meals twice. Use your guidebook or eyes and nose for restaurant choices.

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