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Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition

Though it was blustery, I went with a friend to Thousand Buddha Mountain. I expected the foliage to be terrific, but the leaves were still mainly green.  Yet it was nice to get in a good walk and this site is one of my favorites.

After walking up to the temple and down, we went to Shandong Elite Tea House to warm ourselves with some elegant tea. I am still shocked that the prices have nearly doubled. It’s now 60 rmb, or almost $10 for a cup of tea! Well, Kristyn had never been there and the decor is elegant so we stayed. As we left we had a lovely conversation in broken Chinese and English with a man we think is the owner or a part owner and his friend who’s a master calligrapher. He did give us some free tea to take home and some coin purses…

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