Humble Administrator’s Garden

On of the jewels in Suzhou’s crown is the Humble Administrator’s Garden. Suzhou has many, many terrific Chinese gardens which were first designed in the 11th – 16th centuries and maintained (with varying care) to this day.

Visiting in December, I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy a classical garden all that much. However, because the design is so harmonious, I found I immensely enjoyed strolling through the gardens. The underlying structure is ingenious so there’s beauty whether they’re seen in full bloom or with the stark beauty I saw in December. In fact, since the crowds don’t flock in the winter, I think my experience surpassed what I’d feel jostling with summer tourists by the busload.

From mid-April through October entrance fee is 70 rmb. From November 1 to April 15th, it’s 50 rmb. It’s a vast garden so you’ll want to spend around 2 hours or more here.

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3 Responses to Humble Administrator’s Garden

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  2. mightwar says:

    This looks like a wonderful space to while away a few hours. Is that bird mosaic laid out on the floor?


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