Fingers Crossed

On Monday, I leave for Cambodia via China. I’ll be speaking at the CAMTESOL conference next Saturday. My worry is the Chinese airport. I fly into Shanghai and though I requested a multiple entry visa, they gave me a single entry visa. I’m flying with one checked bag. Will I be able to get my bag in Shanghai and then check it for Phnom Penh without going through immigration? I don’t want to get stuck in China unable to go to the conference. Moreover, after the conference I have a job interview in Macau. Though Macau, like Hong Kong is part of China, when traveling, it’s considered a foreign country. So even if I decided to bail on CAMTESOL, I still have to be able to fly to Shanghai and then get to Macau without going through immigration since once that visa’s stamped I can’t re-enter.

Oh, China why? Consulate workers why?

Last semester all the teachers who asked for multiple entry visa and those who asked for single entry got multiple. Seems the bureaucrats had fun exercising their power.

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2 Responses to Fingers Crossed

  1. chava61 says:

    I am surprised after your multiple trips to China that you got only a single entry visa (which is what I had last time).I thought I had read somewhere that Shanghai (like Beijing) now allows visitors to enter for 72 hours without a visa. Any way, I wish you the best of luck that everything works out.


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