Megabus, Where Were You?

I tried Megabus for my return to Chicago from Champaign, IL. The price seemed good and the bus would get me in an hour before Amtrak. The bus was to leave at 5:15pm.

At the bus station I asked the woman at the information desk where to meet the Megabus. She told me I should go out to platform C at 5:00 since they don’t always announce their arrival. She added that Megabus is often late.

I went out in the 90 degree heat and waited – and waited and waited. I saw a couple Greyhound buses come and go. I did go back inside for a couple minutes for some A/C relief.  All the while, I was watchful for my bus.

5:45 no Megabus; no information. 6:15 no bus, no information. At 6:20 another grad student arrived for her train. She said she’d taken Megabus once and it was three hours late. Since a three hour delay meant no train from Union Station home and I had no desire to stay at a hotel downtown to “save” with Megabus, I decided to wait till 6:35. If the Megabus didn’t show up, I’d take Amtrak.

Well, the bus never came and if it had, I’d probably have to take the train from Union Station home that would arrive after midnight. No thanks.

So I went inside and bought an Amtrak ticket. The train was 20 minutes late, but I was able to catch a train home at a reasonable hour.

I’m doubtful I can get a refund from Megabus. They seem to be a cheap company with no accountability or regard for customers.  Next time I’ll either take Greyhound or Amtrak.

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