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I had a great brunch on Saturday at Inspirations Kitchens’ 3504 W. Lake St, near Garfield Park. It’s a restaurant where homeless people are trained for careers in restaurants. The atmosphere was bright, artsy and cheerful. The service was swift and caring.

You can check out their menu here. We began with hot cider, which was perfect on a cold January day after getting through the polar vortex. I had the broccoli quiche with a salad, which was light and tasty. My friends had banana bread with bacon French toast and sorghum marshmallow cream or a frittata with potatoes. The food was well presented and prepared; prices reasonable.

I rarely see chess pie so since my entree wasn’t sweet, I ordered and shared the pie, which was just the right size, not a huge slab or tiny slice. If you’ve never had chess pie, it’s a Southern dessert, more or less pecan pie without the pecans.

Tips at Inspiration Kitchens go towards the restaurant training program and for vouchers for low income families so they can go out for a restaurant meal. There’s free parking beside the restaurant and a location in Uptown.

More information on Inspiration Corporation:

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