Black Abbey of Kildare

This makes me want to visit Ireland.

Ed Mooney Photography

Black Abbey (2)

Black Abbey (1)

Black Abbeywas the last of the three Abbeys of Kildare that I visited back in 2012, and the first to be re-visited. On my last visit I was unable to find access and had to do with a couple of shots over the wall from the National Stud. However on a recent photo shot in the Japanese gardens I found an entrance into the Abbeys graveyard. It is actually about 500m down the road from the Wayside Well in Tully.

Black Abbey (3)

Black Abbey (5)

Black Abbey (4)

Exploration of the site showed a lot more than I had expected from peeping over a wall a few years earlier. Entry to the abbey can be found via an old hedged graveyard, the way in via a fenced pathway is almost disguised, but leads you to a cemetery gate with a chain and latch. There is also an old turnstile in the stone wall. There were no prohibitive…

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