Healesville Sanctuary

To see the wide variety of Australia’s unique wildlife, go to Healesville Sanctuary. When I was there I got to see kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, which are little mammals that lay eggs, platypusses, the other mammal that lays eggs, kookaburras, pelicans, wombats, enus, all kinds of snakes and more.


an echidna

The sanctuary offers animals a naturalistic environment with some amenities like awnings that keep the sun off them and spray water periodically to keep them cool.

There are cafés with decent food, but you can bring your own for a picnic. Admission is $32 (Australian) and kids are free during school holidays and on the weekend and $16 .30 Monday – Friday.  There are discounts for seniors, full time students and others. You can pay with credit cards.

The Spirits of the Sky (see below), a birds of prey show, offered twice a day is not to be missed.

Healesville is near Melbourne and can get quite sunny and hot so bring water, a sun hat and sunscreen.

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