Sepia Saturday

Children With Nurse – Sepia Saturday 546 Theme Image

Each week Sepia Saturday offers bloggers with a genealogical or nostalgic bent to share photos from times gone by. This week the prompt above inspired me to look for photos of governesses or nannies, aka nurses.

Detroit Publishing Co., Publisher. W.H. Jackson family, W.H. Jackson’s grandchildren with nurse
. , None. [Between 1900 and 1920] Photograph.

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Princess Ileana and her governess. All these photographs are taken in the Palace Gardens, where the Queen and Princess frequently meet the ARC workers and often many of the War Orphans and other needy recipients of the American Red Cross aid
. Romania. Romania, 1919. [18 August date received] Photograph.
McCully children and their governess 1/11/21
. , 1921. Photograph.

I wonder how the nanny for all 5 of these children managed.

If you’re interested in domestic servants from the past, I did a group project in grad school and created a digital library with all sorts of documents about and images of domestic servants. You can check it out here.

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6 Responses to Sepia Saturday

  1. La Nightingail says:

    Some fine choices here to represent nannies – all of them in different situations. They’re all neat photos, but I like the first one best for some reason. Those children are adorable. I do wonder, however, where that poor nanny was going with those five children?

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  2. mollyscanopy says:

    I love the last photo — what a large group for a lone nanny to tend to! My paternal grandmother, from Baltimore, Md., worked as a nanny for a family who vacationed in New York’s Adirondacks region each summer. That’s where she met and eventually married my grandfather, who sold produce/groceries door to door — so you never know where a nanny job can lead 🙂


  3. kathyfumc says:

    For some reason, I’m especially drawn to the first photo – the belt, the bag, the stuffed animal? and everyone’s expression.


  4. HOME says:

    I’ve always been amazed at how domestic servants like the nurse in your first photo wore such clean, starched and pressed , aprons, dresses, and hats. We have dropped our standards in the 21st century! And I’ve bookmarked your archive to check out.


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