Remembering Kiddieland

Since the virus has curtailed travel, I’m going to start sharing travel memories of either local spots or vacations.

Last week I attended a virtual library program on Chicago’s Kiddieland which my grandfather used to take us to. I vividly remember the thrill of going to this amusement park and riding the carousel, little train and the boat ride. These were all low-key rides bust satisfying.

How did Kiddieland start?

In 1929 when the Depression Arthur Fritz lost his job and bought six ponies to start a business where he’d sell pony rides. Even during the Depression plenty of parents could scrape together a few pennies to buy their children a pony ride. Fritz prospered and grew his business adding rides starting with a mini-train ride. The park grew and grew through the years getting better and better rides including an European carousel.

In 2009 Kiddieland was closed and the rides were purchased by collectors and other parks. It’s now a Costco.

What I like most about Kiddieland was it’s simplicity. The rides were cute and fun, perfect to thrill children under the age of 10. The lines weren’t long and you could go for a couple hours and get your money’s worth. It was a perfect place for fun with my grandparents.

Before my time, but there’s plenty of nostalgia

Do you have similar childhood memories? Where did your grandparents take you? Is the place still open?

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  1. chava61 says:

    When I was a child in Baltimore, I was taken to the Enchanted Forest:


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