Words of the Week

I watched White Christmas this past weekend and loved the lingo used. According to Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby came up with most of his own lingo.

Here’s a sample:

slam-bang: (adv.) great

We had a slam-bang finish.

Time, time, cut: slow down, stop

Bing used this when Betty was upset with him, and was telling him he didn’t want to sing. (N.B. Betty was way off as is typical in romantic comedies.)

snood. n. hair net

Where’d you leave ’em? In your snood? Bing said this when Danny was looking for the train tickets.

weirds mobile. n. weirdo.

Bing referred to Danny as a weirds mobile when he finds out Vera’s character is engaged to Danny’s.

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