Blue Cross/Blue Shield & Bad Customer Service


Today I wanted to pay my insurance premium online. I’m on a new plan starting Jan. 1. I thought it would be easy to pay with a credit cards. Haven’t we been doing so for years?

Well, Blue Cross/BlueSheild’s website kept giving me error messages so I called their toll free number. The first call featured the usual annoying recorded messages. Eventually, I got a person. He offered some help, He explained that the first time you pay, you have to use one site, but later you must use a different one. Whatever.

I thought I would be sailing along so I hung up. However, I soon hit the same roadblock.

I called back and got an operator who went through the same script even though I soon told her that I was calling back and had already heard the preliminaries. She finished her script as I heard crowing in the background. I asked about the noise and found out she has a rooster and works from home in the Philippines. Whatever. It’s not exactly professional, but we continued. She soon said that she couldn’t help me and urged me to pay with a check or give her my bank data. Hmm. She could be nice, but how do I know there’s no one at home who’s listening and would sell the data.

Anyway she disconnected me somehow. i give her the benefit of the doubt that it was an accidental.

I have to pay by Jan 1. I have no choice but to call again. Another script was read to me. I explained the problem. The representative told me how much she’d love to help me pay with a credit card. We went through several steps and it all ended the same way on the poorly designed website. I wound up having to provide my bank data. Total disappointment.

The script’s “I’d love to . . . ” was patronizing. There’s no way an organization can not take credit card payments or would have to make customers pay on one site for their first payment and another site for subsequent ones. This is just bad ecommerce.

I’m not hopeful about future service.

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