Sepia Saturday

Cover. The Country Gentleman, 1921

I think 2020 deserves a spanking. 2021 deserves a chance.

Sepia Saturday’s still on holiday break, but I thought I’d post some images that connect to January.

Happy New Year!
. , 1910. N.Y.: Published by Keppler & Schwarzmann, Puck Building. Photograph.

“Illustration shows Father Time ringing bells proclaiming “The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number”, while a crowd in the street celebrates the New Year by using noisemakers, horns, drums, and cymbols to sound their personal causes, such as “Partisanship” and “Partisan Politics”, “Ring Politics”, “Spoils System”, “Women’s Rights”, and “Calamity Howling”.” LOC.

J. & R. Lamb Studios, Designer. Design drawing for stained glass memorial window showing Gifts of the Magi with star, casket, vessel, and censer
. , None. [Between 1950 and 1980] Photograph.

January 6 wll be Epiphany, which celebrated more than Christmas in some countries. It’s when the kings came to see Jesus.

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