It’s time for some New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve been mulling this over for a week or more. I might add to this list, but here’s what I’m committing to now.

  • Continue to watch one old or foreign film a week. I’m allowing new foreign films as I feel I didn’t see many in 2020. Part of this is that I don’t take any long international flights and in the past that’s how I discovered them.
  • Read 40 books in 2021. That’s been my Good Reads challenge number each year. I’ve got a friend who challenges herself to read 80 books a year. I’m not sure how she finds the time as she is a teacher who puts a lot of extra time into her work. I was tempted to lower my number to 35 or so because I don’t want the number to influence me so that I don’t read the occasional long book.
  • Read 5 books that I own but haven’t read. I shouldn’t buy new books till I make some headway with the good one’s that have been waiting.
  • Write a new play or script.
  • Continue to do sit ups at least 5 days a week. I started this in December and because I hate sit ups I need to commit to doing them publicly.

Fingers crossed I can manage these. I have found out that choosing resolutions that aren’t entirely unpleasant works best. Therefore the biggest challenge is the sit ups. All the others are things I do want to do, but haven’t emphasized.

The old movie challenge opened my eyes. It’s made me find some incredible films that I otherwise wouldn’t.

The idea of resolutions for things you are daily internally motivated to do came from a writing instructor who started doing this. She realized that she should exercise more or eat better anyway. Also, those resolutions often fell by the wayside. So she resolved to ask a friend for coffee or lunch once a week. It’s become a regular practice and now she keeps up with her friends more deliberately and her friendships have deepened. I wonder what she’s doing now with all the closed restaurants in her hometown.

Do you make resolutions? Do you stick with them?

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