Weekly Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some timely catching up with friends (old and new)!

If we were having coffee, I’d say that spring is here. Last night we had a sun shower complete with a rainbow, which I wish I’d photographed.

This was the week to come to the Friendship Center Food Pantry. We got an extra 24 cases of meat. So we gave each family about four times as much. Yet we had about half as many families come on Monday. I suppose that means people have enough, which is wonderful. We got those cases from another pantry that was way overstocked.

My sister is coming from Utah for a visit. She’ll be here a week. Her husband will just stay for the weekend. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen her.

I’ve got an invitation for a job interview for next Tuesday. The office is a long drive. Time will tell.

It was warm Tuesday so my walking pal and I went around a small lake park nearby.

I’m in the midst of finding graduation gifts and sending them out. My niece graduates tomorrow, but students are just limited to 2 tickets so no one’s flying to Connecticut for the ceremony. For some reason this school isn’t streaming the ceremony either.

Last Friday I went to an event where a local politician spoke. She’s got some great policy ideas so it’s a shame she lost in November. Now she’s supporting various policies. I bet she’ll run again in 2 years. A friend came with me and it was just so much fun to be around people in a public sphere. Life is returning to normal as the trees are blooming and everything’s getting green.

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5 Responses to Weekly Coffee Share

  1. It is wonderful to hear about feeding schemes elsewhere in the world. Africa has such a need for food schemes and I have to say during the Covid pandemic so many people have come forward to help others!


  2. Natalie says:

    Looks like you had a good week. Enjoy spring and your sister’s visit. #weekendcoffeeshare

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  3. The rainbow is gorgeous – a great capture.
    All the best for your job interview.

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  4. Kirstin says:

    Love that rainbow photo. Have fun with your sister.

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