Sepia Saturday

Most weeks I follow the Sepia Saturday theme rather closely. I haven’t used many if any family photos because we don’t have many from way back when. I’m happy to report that I came across a stash of old photos and thought I’d share a few. It’s a potpourri with no theme this week.

Frank Byrne

Frank was my maternal grandmother’s uncle.

No one knows who this is
My mother is third from the right

Mom and her friends, 1950s

My maternal great uncle’s class, n.d.

Which one was my great uncle? I don’t know. A good reminder to label photos with the names you do know.

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9 Responses to Sepia Saturday

  1. kathyfumc says:

    Nice to see your family photos. You have some very handsome people in your tree! And yes, always the reminder to label. Today I took a cue from you and looked for images from the Library of Congress to find something for my post.


  2. Wendy says:

    What a handsome fellow was Frank Byrne. That collar must have been a lot of fun to wear – NOT! I also love that baby with arm draped over the chair – looking so laid back and casual. HA

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  3. La Nightingail says:

    The baby is adorable. What a shame you don’t know who it was. Sadly, I have old family photos like that unidentified. Every time I take a photo out of an album now to use for either a Sepia Sat. post or something else, I identify it on the back before I replace it in the album it came from!

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  4. mollyscanopy says:

    Great photos! I love the “then and now” juxtaposition of your mom’s group photos.

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  5. Mike Brubaker says:

    Very fine photos. Frank’s is an especially handsome portrait and it looks like a studio photo that might be in a school yearbook. Do you know his birth year? His high collar would be interesting to date.


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