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Biden doesn’t Need Much “Help”

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Pick of the Litter

Who doesn’t like dogs, puppies? Yeah, there are a few. Some have bad experiences, but that’s rare. Dogs can do so much for us. It’s hard not to love them. The documentary Pick of the Litter shows how wonderful dogs … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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Lara Logan on the Truth about Afghanistan

Originally posted on Mixed Media: This could have been a success. Instead the Biden Administration chose fiasco. Why? He’s not the first President to mess up there, but Biden’s failure will end up costing more in lives.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Atlas Shrugged

I never read Ayn Rand, but she’s well known and I feel I’ve heard so much about her so I should check out Atlas Shrugged. I’ve got a long TBR list so… Atlas Shrugged

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Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge

Red Cee’s inspiring bloggers to post based on a prompt then share the post by linking to her blog or creating a pingback. This week she’s inspiring us to share a photo with lots of red.

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Sculpture Saturday: New Home

Since this blog has run out of image space, the new home for Sculpture Saturday is Please go there to place your link or find the links to this week’s sculpture posts. Thanks!

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The Bigamist (1953)

Starring Joan Foutaine and Ida Lupino, who also directs, The Bigamist spends most of its time explaining how traveling salesman, Harry Graham, played by Edmond O’Brien wound up married to two women. A commenter on IMDB captures the plot well … Continue reading

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The Sword of Doom (1966)

Originally posted on Mixed Media: I thought Jef Costello of Le Samouraï was the most cold-blooded killer in film but that was till I saw The Sword of Doom. A Japanese film set in the days of samurai, The…

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