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Ewa’s Pierogi

Last week I tried Ewa’s Pierogi in Glenview for lunch. My friend who knows Polish food suggested Ewa’s which is near the public library on Glenview Road. The small restaurant is cheery and light. They offer all you’d expect from … Continue reading

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Korea’s Winter Hot Spots

I’m so happy that I can travel vicariously with Meej Muse, who impressed me with her earlier Streets of Soul series. Watching this made me really wish I was back in Korea.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow

Originally posted on Beijing Daily Photo 2:
Each week Cee of Cee’s Photography challenges bloggers with a fun prompt. This week we’re to share photos with a rainbow of colors, i.e. at least four colors. I’ve posted a variety of pictures.…

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Michael Jordan’s Steak House

It’s Chicago Restaurant Week till February 7. Today a friend drove down from Milwaukee and I planned to have lunch at the Peninsula Hotel, but didn’t have a reservation and there were no tables. That was disappointing but okay because … Continue reading

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Kids Try . . . International Food

I just found these videos where children sample different kinds of food from around the world.

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Impressionism. Monet painting. Art Institute of Chicago.  

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Morning for the Osone Family

Originally posted on Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition:
Keisuke Kinoshita’s Morning for the Osone Family (1946) probably couldn’t get made today. It’s an anti-WWII film that exposes how the military and government squelched free speech and exploited citizens even when…

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Happy 2019!

A Japanese New Years card to wish you a terrific 2019.

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Engines

Each week Cee challenges bloggers to share black and white photos based on a theme. This week she’s challenging us to share black and white photos of things with engines or motors. I dug up some photos of vehicles, which … Continue reading

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Which Way Challenge

The Which Way Challenge, that Cee began, has been picked up by the Sonofthebeach69 blogger.  The beauty of it is that it’s free form. You can include images of doors, gates, roads, streets exits, signs, paths, waterways, you name it. … Continue reading

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