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Sculpture Saturday

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Longmen Grottoes date back to the first century AD. Hundreds of Buddhas, large and small carved into the caves. Saturday Sculpture encourages bloggers to share photos of any and all kinds of sculptures. To join, you … Continue reading

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International Hostel: Luoyang

Henan is not a well traveled destination and there aren’t as many budget travel options. I like the International Hostels I’ve stayed in in China, but didn’t see anything listed for Kaifeng. Luckily, Luoyang had a hostel. Unluckily, the hihostels.com … Continue reading

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Longmen Caves, Luoyang, China

The Longmen Caves drew me to Henan. I’d seen photos of this UNESCO World Heritage Site and found the caves with the tens of thousands of sculptures mesmerizing and mysterious. UNESCO’s site briefly explains their historic and cultural significance stating,: … Continue reading

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October Chaos

Autumn Festival in China is next week so it’s time to make travel arrangements. The smart thing to do is to leave the country as in-country travel will be overcrowded, but we don’t have multiple entry visas, though we asked … Continue reading

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