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Pick of the Litter

Who doesn’t like dogs, puppies? Yeah, there are a few. Some have bad experiences, but that’s rare. Dogs can do so much for us. It’s hard not to love them. The documentary Pick of the Litter shows how wonderful dogs … Continue reading

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Set in Jamaica, Kei Miller’s Augustown is full of local color. There are a couple of storylines: a preacherman claims he can fly and will fly up to heaven, a schoolboy named Kaia gets his dreadlocks cut by a frustrated … Continue reading

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Journey Into the Whirlwind

The best book, certainly the best memoir, that I’ve read in years, The Journey into the Whirlwind by Eugenia Semyonovna Ginzburg chronicles her experience of imprisonment in USSR during the Stalin era. Since she saw no evidence against her colleague, … Continue reading

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Too Cool to Be Forgotten

I thought Alex Robinson’s Too Cool to be Forgotten would be a quick read. For me it wasn’t. It never grabbed me so it took a couple weeks to finish. In Too Cool to be Forgotten a middle aged man … Continue reading

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The Winter’s Tale

I didn’t think I’d like Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. I chose it for my online Great Books Book Club because I thought we should read Shakespeare; it’s winter and I’d never read this. Before beginning the play, I looked at … Continue reading

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Chicago’s Sweet Candy History

I expected more from Chicago’s Sweet Candy History. Written by Leslie Goddard, Chicago’s Sweet Candy History consists of lots of historic pictures with facts about candy companies and confectioners under each. I wish there’d been more exposition, more text. It … Continue reading

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Christmas Cakes

The Icing Artist went all out (or her sponsor did) and paid $300 to three top Toronto bakeries to make winter holiday cakes. She reviews the results.

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Visiting her hometown Chicago, a series of events brings Irene to the Drayton Hotel’s tearoom where she runs into Clare, an annoying woman she grew up with. This meeting entangles Irene into Clare’s life. Irene and her friends would just as … Continue reading

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Ikiru (1952)

What can a heart filled with despair grab on to? In Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru dedicated life long bureaucrat Watanabe-san gets stomach cancer, which spurs him to review his life. He soon realizes his dedication to his job has cost him … Continue reading

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Hotel Review: Golden Palace Silver Street, Beijing

With modern, chic rooms and a good location near Wangfangjing shopping street and near a metro station, you’d think this would be an easy recommendation. Yet the “24 hour restaurant” is only open in the morning for what my friends … Continue reading

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