Which Way Challenge

Nice & Cleared | Oak Park, Illinois

Hosted by Alive and Trekking, the weekly Which Way Challenge inspires bloggers to share photos of ways including: 

  • Roads:  gravel, asphalt, cobbled, dirt, freeway, expressway, highway, bridges
  • Indoor walkways:  hallways, aisles, people movers
  • Outdoor walks:  sidewalks, paths, trails
  • Stairs, elevators, escalators, or steps
  • Railway tracks, monorails, ski lifts
  • Runways and tarmacs
  • Ferries, canals and locks
  • Parking lots, private driveways
  • Tunnels
  • Signs of any kind:  directional, informational, store signs, wind vanes
  • Maps that are posted as signs

Ping back or comment with a link on Alive and Trekking to connect to the blogging community.

In front of Frank Lloyd Wright’s home

The shoveling could be better

Careful of the ice!
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Freedom in a Cage: An Interview With Chang Ping, Former News Director of Southern Weekend, Part Four

Chang Ping, Yaxue Cao, February 26, 2021 The entire masthead was removed. (continued from Part One, Part Two, and Part Three) An incubator for public…

Freedom in a Cage: An Interview With Chang Ping, Former News Director of Southern Weekend, Part Four
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Sculpture Saturday

Garden Sprite, Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Saturday Sculpture encourages bloggers to share photos of any and all kinds of sculptures.

To join, you need to:

1. Share a photo of a sculpture on your blog.

2. Link or ping back here to No Fixed Plans, the new hub for the challenge.

It’s a fun challenge. Give it a try.

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Sepia Saturday

Five Girls On A Boat : Third Party Print (1920s)

Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers with a visual prompt each week. This week we’re challenged by the photo of four women on a boat.

I found these photos in the Library of Congress, but if you want to join you can use your own nostalgic family photos. Click here to get to Sepia Saturday Central where you can find lots of links to posts.

Kitagawa, Utamaro, 1753?-1806, Artist. Ichi Fuji Ni Taka San Nasubi. Fuji Japan Mount, None. [Between 1798 and 1801] Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2008660461/.

Suzuki, Harunobu, 1725?-1770, Artist. Two Women Gathering Lotus Blossoms. Japan, 1765. [, Printed Later] Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2008680279/.

They’re on a dock beside a boat

Torii, Kiyonaga, Artist. Sanbashi No Danjo. Japan, 1780. [or 1781] Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2008660583/.

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Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some timely catching up with friends (old and new)!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m delighted by my little adventure yesterday. After nearly a year of lockdown and semi-lockdown, I went on a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio. Such activities were a reguar pastime, but with the CCP Virus Lockdowns stopped that. Restrictions have eased, but the frigid temps meant I’d rather stay close to home. This week our temperatures rose, the ice and snow is melting and the sun has been shining. It’s time to get out.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio has tours now from Thursday to Sunday. I booked a morning tour and was the only person signed up for my time so I got a great personal tour, which meant I got to see some of the smaller areas which they can’t do with social distancing. My volunteer guide, Felix was great and answered all my questions. It’s such a beautiful home and an affordable tour at $20. (I’ll write a review with more details and photos later today.)

I enjoyed watching the film Ida, but it did leave me with some questions. Set in 1962 Poland, Ida is the story of an odd couple, i.e. a novice about to take religious vows and her world-weary aunt, whom she’s forced to meet. The two go on a journey to find Ida’s parents’ graves. Stay tuned for a review.

I’m plugging along with research for a writing project, but I’m rather disappointed about finding a viable story. Time will tell.

Lent-wise I learned that today and tomorrow are “Ember Days.” Four times a year the church would have 3 Ember Days of fasting and no meat. There are Ember Days at the beginning of each new season and the one in the spring follows the beginning of Lent. For this spring Ember Day, it’s only Friday and Saturday because on Wednesday was a saint’s day. Evidently, Ember Days are usually Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. If it weren’t for COVID-19, I wouldn’t have sought out these holidays, which fell out of fashion.

No word yet on the small claims court trial. It dragged on 90 minutes. One friend said that I won just for going through with the ordeal and I think he’s right. It was an experience and pushed me out of my comfort zone. The defendant mistreated a lot of people in many ways and at least now there was a public airing of some mis-deeds.

I’ve started reading Journey into the Whirlwind, a memoir about a woman who was imprisoned in the USSR for political not dissent, but just because she didn’t speak against a colleague who ran afoul of Stalin. It’s a gripping book.

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More on Stalker

Andrei Tarkovsky’s fascinating Stalker continues to haunt me. Here’s a video which provides insights on the making of Stalker, the production of which quite possibly killed its director and some on the staff as well as the information on its conception and making. Kudos to Cinema Tyler. He does good work.

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Most Wanted

Kyoto On the right you see Japan’s “Most Wanted.” The family photo on the left is something else entirely. I can’t read that one. Let me know if you …

Most Wanted
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Cee’s Black and White Challenge

Bigger than a Bread Box

Three Gorges Dam

Each week Cee of Cee’s Photography challenges bloggers with a fun prompt. This week we’re to share photos of things that are bigger than a bread box. That sure gives you plenty of choices.

What will you choose to share?

Click here to see more fun photos, click here.

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Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors is a weekly blogging challenge allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world.

Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing it, between Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American Eastern Time).

To get to the hub where you’ll find links to dozens of doors, click here.

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Aunt Daisy

Great Aunt Daisy

I found some old photos that my mother had stored away and finally our library opened so I could scan them.

This one is my mother’s Aunt Daisy. She married my mother’s grandfather after her grandmother died. Daisy was his sister-in-law. I always wondered about that.

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