Sculpture Saturday: New Home

Since this blog has run out of image space, the new home for Sculpture Saturday is

Please go there to place your link or find the links to this week’s sculpture posts.


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Wordless Wednesday

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Book Club: Exodus

No Fixed Plans

What a fascinating discussion of the Book of Exodus. Dennis shares lots of insights that gave me a better understanding of this key book of the Bible.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Metal

Gold Paint, The Oriental Instutite Chicago

In honor of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for metal, I’m offering a variety of metals. If you’d like to see more interpretations of the challenge, click here.

Cloudgate, Chicago
Tank in Xinjiang, China at a shopping center
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Silent Sunday

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Silent Sunday

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Woke Capitalism

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Pfizer Employees on COVID-19 Immunity

If this isn’t a must see video, I don’t know what is. Project Veritas gets Pfizer scientists to spill the beans on immunity for the CCP Virus.

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Biden doesn’t Need Much “Help”

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