COVID-19 Update #5: My Hong Kong Hotel Quarantine

During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, I’ve come down to Hong Kong on business. Unfortunately, that also meant I had to be quarantined in my hotel for …

COVID-19 Update #5: My Hong Kong Hotel Quarantine
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Silent Sunday


silent sunday

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Silent Sunday

boxes art museum_z

silent sunday

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You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoons

never ricksaw




In You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoons Mo Willems captures the joys and travails of the tourist on the road. This sketchbook cum travelogue Willems takes readers on a bumpy around the world trip. The book is 90% cartoons and 10% background insights.



Willems clearly travels as I do in 2nd class open to the real experiences found in Asia and Europe. Kudos to Willems for venturing to Qufu and other cities that most tourists don’t have the time or fortitude to get to. (It can take some chutzpah to buy your own train tickets to smaller towns or figure out where to stay and eat unless you’ve been in China a while.)

taxi dilemma

custoerm china

I think I’d read this years ago. Nonetheless it was still funny. It’s a grade A quarantine read. Available on Hoopla.


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Delta Skymiles

How to sensibly make the most of the Delta Skymiles program, which can be tricky.

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Silent Sunday

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Bargaining in Seoul

I do miss these markets in Asia. China had the best, but here’s a shopping mission in Seoul. Enjoy!

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Sketching Seville, Spain’s wonderful cultural gem

Sketching Seville, Spain’s wonderful cultural gem

Sketching Seville, Spain’s wonderful cultural gem
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I’m enthralled with this illustrated travel blog, Sticky Mango Rice. I had to share it. The blogger offers posts on trips on all continents.

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Free Tour: Amazon Fulfillment Center

I almost forgot I signed up, but gladly I did and I went to the free tour of the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In about an hour, I was part of a small group (since several people didn’t show up) who had a fun tour of the center of this high tech center which uses people, robots, high tech scanners that read all the codes to quickly move goods from trucks to sorting to packaging and on to the trucks that get your goodies to your home.

Our guide was informative and amusing, the experience excellently planned. First we got an introduction in a classroom and picked up our earphones. The facility is rather noisy with all these goods and boxes whirling around, but with the earphones we could hear the guide. The Amazon “ambassador” had a microphone so we could ask questions the the guide could hear, repeat and answer.

It’s an amazing place and a good tour for all ages. Click here to register for a free tour.

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Of Notre Dame Cathedral


Jean Fouquet, 1410

notre dame oldes

Noel Ballemare, 1525

Notre Dame is still on my mind. Here are some images from its past. Clearly, it’s fascinated artists through the ages.


Charles Negre, 1853 ( a negative)


Paul Signac, 1910

To see more images, click here.


Matisse, 1902


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