No Fixed Plans is a blog full of travel tips, experiences and reviews.

I’ll try to post a few times a week, but sometimes I’m in places like China where it’s just impossible to blog.

I love most of Asia, North America and Europe. I haven’t been to Africa, Australia or South America though I hope to.

I’m not big on sports preferring walking, taking photos, reading, music, sightseeing and eating. Naturally these preferences flavor my opinions.

I like to make my money last, but enjoy the occasional splurge. There’s no need to make travel more of a travail that it needs to be.

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  1. Hi – We’ve never been to Africa itself (except Mauritius – does that count?). But if you can get to Australia and South America one day, you should! We are bias about Australia, because that’s where we call home 🙂 off to check out your blog now! Happy travels 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I’ve been to China, only once, and found it to be such a fascinating country. I’ve lived in South Africa for many years, but will soon be moving to the USA. Travel is such a wonderful thing. I hope you get to visit all the places you haven’t yet been to. South America is an amazing place, and Machu Picchu is an absolute must. 🙂


    • smkelly8 says:

      Yes, I’d love to get to South America and Africa. I also want to get back to Europe, countries I’ve never been to like Sweden. Good luck with your move to the US.


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