On the euphoria of China’s economy. It ain’t magic folks as I think we’ll soon see.

Shards of China

I’m a nerd, and I like numbers so I’ll get that off my chest before we start this theme. It’s only relevant because I find it strange how little seems to be understood in the West about China’s economy – of course there’s a fair amount of the usual developing nation fudging going on with the figures but China’s pretty upfront about the overall state of play with its economy at a macro-level (that’s the big picture) if not so much at a micro-level (individual institutions and companies).

It also seems to be an area which causes much confusion amongst the expatriate community here, and I wonder if it’s because they took the media reporting from back home at face value and screamed; “I’m going to be rich! So I’m heading to China!” before throwing all their worldly possessions in a suitcase and arriving in a country where they have…

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