Sepia Saturday

Every week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers with a visual prompt. This week concludes a alphabetic prompt series with Z and a zoom lens.

I decided to time travel to 19th century zoos.

Johnston, Frances Benjamin, photographer. School children looking at bison at zoo, Washington, D.C. Washington D.C, 1899. [?] Photograph.

I remember the cement cages in old zoos. Here at least the animals are outside.

Johnston, Frances Benjamin, photographer. Washington, D.C. public schools – 6th Division class at zoo watching reindeer. Washington D.C, 1899. [?] Photograph.

Danhauser, Josef, Artist. Verlegenheiten. No. 7, Mein Hut! Mein Hut! so nehmen sie ihn doch Arrachez lui donc mon chapeau, je vous en prie / / Danhauser ; lith. Inst. in Wien. , 1824. [Vienna: Publisher not given] Photograph.

Strohmeyer & Wyman, Publisher. Hippopotamus – Central Park, New York, U.S.A. Central Park New York, 1895. New York, N.Y.: Strohmeyer & Wyman, Publishers. Photograph.

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11 Responses to Sepia Saturday

  1. Naila Moon aka M. M. Hudson says:

    I remember the St. Louis Zoo originally having the old hard cement. I am glad that has changed. Interesting there was not that much fencing between child and animal. I am humored by the little girl sitting in the grass who is not at all interested in the animals.


    • smkelly8 says:

      The cement cages were awful. Animal jails. I’m glad zoos create habitats that resemble what they’d experience in the wild.

      I wonder why the girl doesn’t care about the animals. Hmmm.


  2. lulubelleliz says:

    Plenty of safety issues here. Wouldn’t be allowed today. At least out modern zoos have improved the conditions for their inmates. Interesting old photos.

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  3. Wendy says:

    Ah – the good ol’ days when you could trust people not to stick their hands into a wild animal’s cage!

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  4. La Nightingail says:

    Neat pix of the young children at the zoo. I love the one with the little girl more interested in the flowers than the reindeer. When I came to the stereo photos of the hippopotamus, I unconscientiously started singing “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. kathyfumc says:

    I wondered if the girl was pouting, but maybe just interested in the flowers as someone else suggested. You would not want to provoke that bison, I think. Looks like he has bent the fencing. He might succeed next time.

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  6. mollyscanopy says:

    I love the concept of the photographer capturing the children who are in turn watching the captured animals. Almost a social commentary as arranged here in your post.

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