Sepia Saturday

Crowd At A Football Match : Third Party Print (1940s) (Sepia Saturday 562 Prompt)

Each week Sepia Saturday challenges bloggers to create a post inspired by a photo. This week the prompt above

No data on place or team

Soccer. , 1921. Photograph.

Girls Soccer. , None. [Between 1918 and 1920] Photograph.

Hong Kong football soccer team. China Hong Kong, 1923. [or 1924] Photograph.

To see more Sepia Saturday photos, click here to get to the hub.

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9 Responses to Sepia Saturday

  1. I had to smile at that photograph of the girls in their baggy uniform – were they wearing divided skirts, as the forerunner of culottes?

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  2. Wendy says:

    Was that some kind of photographic technique in the first 2 photos or damage?

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  3. La Nightingail says:

    Some neat photos here! My fav’ is of the girls – looking like they’re not quite sure what to do with the ball? 🙂


  4. How about those bloomers. I thought my 1960s gym outfit was goofy.


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